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    Why Women Are Happier Than Men...
    Saturday, February 23, 2008

    As a reply to Ate Juliana's comment on my previous post, I decided to post several reasons as to "Why Women are Happier than Men". Women...

    * ...Don't worry about going bald
    * ...Never have to rearrange their testicles while wearing tight pants
    * ...Never get their sex organs caught in their zippers while drunk
    * ...Don't have to constantly answer "What are you gonna be when you grow
    up?" shortly after their third birthday.
    * ...Don't have to run a super-sharp piece of metal over their facial
    epidermal layer each and every morning of their adult lives.
    * ...Can bludgeon someone to death with a baseball bat and then get off
    scot-free by claiming a "hormonal imbalance"
    * ...Can commit cold-blooded murder and not only get off scot-free, but end
    up with a book deal and an appearance on Oprah merely by mentioning "years of
    violent spousal abuse"
    * ...Don't have to go in a pubic women's restroom and worry about some
    previous occupant pissing and shitting on the seat, the floor, and the surrounding
    * ...ALWAYS outlive their husbands.
    * ...Have a wide variety of commercial, sweet smelling deodorants for their
    sex organ.
    * ...In a moment of anger, can call someone a "cunt" without being exiled and
    excommunicated from the community of humankind.
    * ...know exactly what to do when a child is sick.
    * ...don't have a freaky, semi-oedipal relationship with their overbearing
    * ...don't ever have to spit
    * ...don't ever have to hold one nostril shut while blowing a huge loogie out
    the other
    * ...have an astute, innate sense of when to change underwear before it
    becomes a Petri Dish for bacteria development
    * ...never pull a back muscle screaming at the television during a sports
    * ...don't have to worry about which family member will inherit and care for
    their collection of baseball caps
    * ...never lose six hours on a Saturday morning watching fishing shows on OLN
    * ...can terminate a bladder emptying event without waiting for 'the shake'
    * ...can tell their doctors anything
    * ...Can simulate a perfect, entire sex act with nothing more than ten idle
    minutes and a zucchini.

    Any violent reactions,whatsoever??!!


    posted by RJ @ Saturday, February 23, 2008  
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