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    Panagbenga 2008..The Float Parade
    Sunday, February 24, 2008
    The "Panagbenga" is a much-awaited festival here in Baguio City. It is celebrated every February, for the whole month. The year 2008 is it's 13th year in existence. Tourists from all over the country, come up to Baguio just to watch the Street Dancing and Floral Float Parade. Just this morning, the float parade was scheduled to start at 8:00 a.m. Despite the rain, which amusingly, decided to pour on this day, the parade started right on schedule. While I could have traveled 7 kilometers from where I lived and braved the crowd forming in Session Road, one of Baguio's main streets, in anticipation for this event, I decided to stay home. I was not afforded the luxury of being given a press id(unlike before when a few friends of mine had connections to get hold of such), and neither was I a participant in the parade(I remember joining way back in college, I was wearing a black shirt and I had a Pitbull in tow--we were representing a pitbull club then). Glued in front of the television, I watched the crowd as they waited for the parade to start. Like any other event, like they say, come hell or hight water, in this case, come rain and slippery asphalt roads, the show must go on! And so it did!

    Chowking Foods Corporation (a Hall of Famer in the floral float competition in the past years) -- noncompeting entry

    Jollibee Foods Corporation w/ it's mascot

    I hope I could be able to post more pics..it's kinda hard to upload them all..just watch out for an update :)

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    posted by RJ @ Sunday, February 24, 2008  
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