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    My song as I say goodbye to 2007...
    Saturday, December 29, 2007

    eto na ang gabi
    na ikaw ay aalis
    at iiwan mo ako

    sa lahat ng gabi
    ito ang ayaw dumating
    sana ay umaga na

    tatawagan mo parin ba 'ko
    susulatan mo pa ba ako
    tayo parin ba 'ng dawala
    kahit ...na

    bye bye na
    aalis ka na
    bye bye na rin ba
    sa atin alaala

    meron kang makikita
    mas higit pa sa akin
    pag ika'y malayo na
    (repeat chorus)

    wag mong lilimutin na nandito lang ako
    hawak ang larawan mo
    (repeat chorus)

    bye bye na
    bye bye na
    bye bye na rin ba
    sa atin alaala

    bye bye naaaaaaaaaaa……
    bye bye naaaaaaaaaaa……


    posted by RJ @ Saturday, December 29, 2007   4 comments
    The Diagnosis...
    Saturday, December 15, 2007
    Last week I was deciding on whether I should go visit the doctor regarding my nosebleeds. Well, initially I decided not to. This week proved to be the deciding factor as to whether I should go or not.

    Just like before, I was having nosebleeds everyday at an increased level. I ignored it for two weekdays. On the third day, my office mates were getting alarmed and was pushing me to go for a check-up. I refused ( I am so hard-headed sometimes.) and went to the Bankers' Christmas Party instead. In the middle of the program, I felt blood rushing through my nose( this was my third for the day) and i kind of got embarrassed. As you can see, it was a party and there were a lot of people there..arrrggghh!! Anyway, after the party we still went for a round of drinks and our favorite past time -- videoke!!! So after a round of drinks and five songs..(it strikes again)! I was like..awww..not again!!! After two hours or so, we decided to break it up and head for home ( it was 2 in the morning so we really had to go).

    I headed for home and went to sleep. After two more nosebleeds, I decided to wake up and go to work. I was feeling a little nausea and my eyes were kind of stingy (due to the lack of sleep I suppose). Unfortunately, I fell down the stairs on my way to the bathroom. After like 15 minutes..another one of it begins..

    And that's when I finally decided to get the doctors' recommendation(which my mom got for me..see..i'm very hard headed) and head to the nearest laboratory which was seven kilometers away (after some 3 hours i guess, coz I had to get a little bit more sleep if I wanted to be able to take the tests). I called the office and informed them I was gonna have to come in late.

    So just to cut the story short, I went to two laboratories. That means two needles in my arm. The first laboratory didn't have a blue top tube for one of the tests so I had to go to a separate laboratory. Anyway, I got the results and guess what ...everythng was N-O-R-M-A-L. There it goes.. still no specific answer for the nosebleed occurences...

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    posted by RJ @ Saturday, December 15, 2007   5 comments
    On nosebleeds....and other stuff
    Saturday, December 8, 2007
    I have been a very sickly child for as long as I can remember. One of the unlucky to get asthma and just can't seem to recover from it. I thought I did some five years ago when I was working in manila, having been able to remove myself from the class of the horizontally challenged for quite sometime. Unfortunately, I gained some weight again which I can't seem to get off despite the spinning classes I take. Since I have asthma, I get to take medicines with steroidal content which may be one of the reasons why I can't seem to get the weight off. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those self-conscious women who want to be paper thin (no offense meant to those who are self-conscious coz believe it or not I am too, its the"starving" yourself that I'm opposed to) -- I just want to be healthy.

    So anyway, I was doing some reading on nosebleeds because I seem to be having them like three to four times a week for like the past two or three months. At first, i thought it was just because of the changing weather. I also remember being so stressed at work that my nose began to bleed. However, it's been happening quite often and I'm kind of getting worried. Here's the irony though, when I get the idea of going for a check-up to have my CBC taken, it kind of stops for like two or three days. When i finally get to calm myself down and say "maybe I was just tired" it starts again. Irritatingly, it happens during the night time, when I'm like in the middle of my sleep and I feel it running down my nose (ohh...sorry..i know it's gross so i'll stop) and I say maybe it's just my rhinitis and I jolt awake and look for more kleenex because the flowing doesn't stop and I think "omg, my nose is bleeding again"

    Well, I am faced with a dilemma. I seem to find in my readings that most nosebleeds do not really have an identifiable cause. I would want to think that the cause of my nosebleeds are fairly due to repeated irritation from a cold, which I almost always have because I have allergic rhinitis. However, what if it's not? I mean as I read further through the article of www.emedicinehealth.com, it says that there may be a problem with blood clotting. I rule out high blood pressure because i usually get my BP everyday and it's almost always a 110/76 (believe it or not -- i'm overweight but that's my blood pressure). What is most alarming though is that I've learned that liver disease can also interfere with blood clotting. I've been on medication for like almost 20 years of my life and i know taking a lot of medicines can harm your liver. Aside from the fact that obesity may be due to the inability of the liver to do its function.

    So you see, it is not just the nosebleeds that I am worried about. Its the possibility of not having a normal liver that frightens me. It's not like I'm afraid of doctors or something but I just can't seem to get the attention I want especially when I use my medicard<, it is my privilege (to use the card--one of the benefits that my job gives)and i don't see why they treat some people differently just because they don't pay in cash. Going back to the issue, as of the moment I'm still contemplating as to whether I should submit myself for a check-up or just continue convincing myself that it's just stress. Until then, I presume i'd have to practice pinching my nose while sleeping to avoid having anymore bloody sheets.

    Do you think I should go to the doctor already??.....

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    posted by RJ @ Saturday, December 08, 2007   0 comments
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