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    Friday, March 14, 2008
    I just got this from my friendster and I honestly don't know who authored it...but i still think its a good read..

    The most valuable secret of success is
    that there is no secret. Success comes
    not from seeking to uncover some
    exotic hidden formula, but rather
    through persistently following through
    on opportunities to create value.

    The best shortcut to achievement is to
    avoid looking for a shortcut. Simply
    get busy and do the work required, for
    that is the quickest way to reach the
    goal you've set.

    The most effective way to handle what
    must be done is to do it.
    Procrastinating, agonizing,
    complaining and avoiding will only
    prolong the task and add greater
    difficulty to it.

    Life is not always easy, and wishing
    for things to be easier will usually
    make them more difficult. The time-
    tested strategy for making life truly
    easier is to go ahead and work through
    each challenge as it comes along.

    By so doing, you grow stronger, more
    capable, more effective and more
    experienced. You put yourself in
    position to live life on your own

    The route to success is no secret, and
    is in fact hidden in plain view. Use
    every opportunity to make a
    difference, and you'll go precisely
    where you choose to go.

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    posted by RJ @ Friday, March 14, 2008  
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